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Fresh News
MOTHER NATURE’S DECISIONS Asparagus from Peru stopped due to hurricanes & rain in Baja has affected production. Extreme heat has hurt quality & caused broccoli to become tight. We expect cauliflower to follow in broccoli’s footsteps for quality but not yet with price. Carrots will climb higher in price due to heat. There are good supplies of celery but that will start to change on expected growing area gaps. The hurricane damage has yet to be determined. Cold temps slowed eastern cucumber production & southern growing areas were hurt by the storm so supplies are tighter. Western cucumber supplies are a little better but so is demand. Iceberg supplies are holding & demand is down some but heat will affect quality. Romaine & leaf lettuce have some quality issues but prices are holding fairly steady. Cool northern temps have added to end of the season slow- down of green peppers so supplies are tighter. Western green peppers are in decent supply. Stronger demand of onions will drive prices a bit higher. We’re seeing better supplies of larger size potatoes & 80ct & smaller supplies are fairly steady. Eastern squash growing areas generally move south at this time of year but hurricane damage has affected that so supplies are tighter. Western squash has been affected by the extreme heat. Irma has made a short supply of tomatoes tighter with strong demand. Western tomatoes are slowed due to heat. Forget avocados until October. High temps have hurt raspberry & strawberry supplies. 165ct & smaller are the most readily available lemons. Valencia oranges are finishing & navels are not coming until mid-October. Red & green grape quality & supplies remain good. High temps are slowing cantaloupe & honeydew. PRODUCE EXCHANGE TRENDS This section of the Newsletter is designed to give a quick overview of the trends of individual items. “Mother Nature’s Decisions” gives more info on the market and “Pics Worth a Look” will give approximate up or down % for the week. Tomatoes – Globes are up higher, cherry are steady to down a bit & grape are also & plum are steady. Potatoes – bakers are up some & red potatoes are steady. Lettuces – iceberg, Romaine & green leaf are steady to down a bit. Cauliflower – is steady but with declining quality. Broccoli – is much higher with some quality issues. Grapes – Green & red are up some. Strawberries – prices are up some. Melons – Loupes are steady & dews are also. Lemons–demand is strong but prices are steady. Squash – yellow is higher & green is climbing. Peppers – green are higher. Onions – prices are steady this week. Celery – prices are steady with some quality issues. Apples- steady this week but we are well into storage crops. Cucumbers – prices are higher this week. Raspberries – prices are steady to higher with some soft berries. Cabbage – is steady to up some this week. Avocados – Look Out … A good time to not buy. Asparagus – is much higher this week on reduced volume and increased demand. From Thin Air Elizabeth there is a Santa Claus and yes you can grow produce out of thin air. Two million pounds of leafy greens are grown in a green house in Newark, NJ every year using thin air. The science is called Aeroponics. Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium. R. Stoner was the pioneer for commercial application of Aeroponics. In 1986 he was the first person to market grow aeroponic food to a nation grocery store chain. Now NASA is testing it now in space to grow fresh vegetables for our astronauts.