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Fresh News
MOTHER NATURE’S DECISIONS Asparagus is in good shape again this week from MX & CA is starting production. Low demand & good supplies of good quality broccoli is holding prices. Cauliflower is steady to higher depending on source. We’re seeing steady supplies of carrots with jumbos continuing to be on the short side. Celery supplies, prices & quality are good. There are heavy supplies of eastern cucumbers from Honduras. There are good supplies of western cucumbers with light demand. The pepper market in the east is in very good supply with most in the larger sizes. Western green peppers are on the good side with slow demand. Iceberg lettuce supplies exceed demand with good case weights but there are some quality issues. Good supplies & low demand of leaf lettuces will keep prices steady but there are some quality issues. Romaine hearts are abundant this week. Watch for onions may have translucent outer layers but it’s not necessarily been caused by freezing; they could just be late season storage onions. Potatoes are in good supply but they may have sprouts caused by coming out of storage. Green squash is a bit hardier than yellow squash. Yellow has some quality issues caused by FL winds. Eastern tomatoes continue in good supply. Western tomatoes are also in all varieties. MX has slowed the avocado harvest so prices are up a bit. Raspberries are steady on improved supplies from MX & CA. Cool temps slowed strawberries but less demand will help prices. Lemons are moving growing areas & demand remains strong. Red & green grapes from Chile are moving growing areas & are a bit tighter. Cantaloupes & honeydews are fairly steady but there are more small melons. PRODUCE EXCHANGE TRENDS This section of the Newsletter is designed to give a quick overview of the trends of individual items. “Mother Nature’s Decisions” gives more info on the market & “Pics Worth a Look” will give an approximate up or down % for the week. Tomatoes – Roma, cherry & grape are all fairly steady. Globes are steady. Potatoes – bakers & reds are fairly steady. Lettuces – Leaf is steady on lower demand, iceberg & Romaine are up a little& there are some quality issues. Cauliflower – in a bit of a growing gap & is steady to higher. Broccoli – is steady this week. Grapes – Green & red are both steady. Strawberries – prices are lower. Melons – Loupes are up a bit. Honeydews are steady. Lemons– demand is strong but prices are down a bit. Squash – yellow & green are fairly steady. Peppers – prices are a bit lower this week. Onions – prices are steady to down some this week. Celery – prices are steady. Apples- steady this week. Cucumbers – prices are down some. Raspberries – are steady this week. Carrots – are steady to up some & on the high side. Avocados – growers are slowing production. Asparagus – prices are a bit better on improved MX supplies. Unhealthy Fruits and Vegetables Yes you read that right and here they are. Corn has few nutrients and lacks calcium. Celery again lacks essential vitamins like A & C. Do not eat iceberg lettuce try brighter green lettuces like kale, endive and escarole. Potatoes contain more carbs and calories than they are worth. They also can cause blood sugar spikes. Bananas have a high glycemic load since they are jammed packed with sugars. They also cause a blood sugar spike. Figs are low in nutrients but very high in sugar, up to 10 grams in a single piece. A Grape serving contains as much sugar as a candy.