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Fresh News
MOTHER NATURE’S DECISIONS Continued cold temps in MX are affecting asparagus supplies while Peru remains unchanged with demand slow. Broccoli supplies continue to improve & quality is fair. Cauliflower supplies are also improving with good quality. Carrots are steady with decent supplies. High prices continue for celery as yields are limited due to weather but demand is slow. Eastern cucumbers from FL are just about finished but Honduras is producing ok supplies & quality product. Western cucumbers are in decent supply from MX. Eastern green peppers are in tight supply due to rain in south FL. Cool temps may slow western green pepper production from CA but MX is also producing. Cool temps have kept kale prices high. Iceberg lettuce supplies have grown & demand has dropped off but there are some quality issues. Leaf lettuce supplies are better with lower demand. Romaine supplies are good but the e-coli scares have made customers tentative so demand has dropped. Strong rain in southern FL had slowed squash production but nicer weather should fix that quickly. CA squash has slowed down due to cool temps but there is MX production. Eastern tomatoes are tight due to cool temps & rain but demand is slow so prices are lower. Western tomatoes are coming from MX in improving supplies. Avocado supplies are good & it looks like plenty of fruit for the Super Bowl. There are tight supplies of raspberries. Weather may help strawberry supplies from CA but supplies & demand are light. Lemon supplies continue to improve. Limes are on the tight side for small sizes. Oranges are in good supply. Red grapes supplies are better than green but there may be quality issues. We will get better supplies of loupes & dews from Guatemala & Honduras. PRODUCE EXCHANGE TRENDS This section of the Newsletter is designed to give a quick overview of the trends of individual items. “Mother Nature’s Decisions” gives more info on the market & “Pics Worth a Look” will give an approximate up or down % for the week. Tomatoes – Globes are lower, cherry are steady & grape are a bit lower & Roma are down some. Potatoes – bakers are steady & red are also. Lettuces – Iceberg is much lower. Leaf is much lower and Romaine is lower mostly on low demand. Cauliflower – prices are lower and not a bad buy. Broccoli – is much lower and a decent buy this week. Grapes – Green are a bit lower & red are steady. Strawberries – prices are low but still expensive. Melons – Dews are down some & loupes are lower this week as imports improve. Lemons– prices are steady to a bit lower this week. Squash – yellow & green are a bit higher. Peppers – green are steady this week and still expensive. Onions –yellow are steady to down a little with good quality & good storage supplies. Celery – prices are a bit lower this week. Apples- prices are steady this week. Cucumbers – prices are fairly steady this week. Raspberries – prices are steady but cold temps may slow supplies down some. Carrots – are steady this week. Asparagus – prices are steady to a bit higher this week. Blue Light Smart phones, tablets, computers, TV’s & even lights emit it. It causes insomnia, macular degeneration, hormone imbalance and cataract development to name a few. Lutein to the rescue. It is a xanthophyll and a naturally occurring carotenoid. It comes from animals that ingest plants and from leafy green vegetables such as spinach and kale and yellow not orange carrots. It is absorbed from the blood specifically into the macula lutea, a part of the eye. A carrot a day keeps the optometrist away.