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Fresh News
MOTHER NATURE’S DECISIONS Asparagus is moving growing areas in MX & Peru has lower supplies as they finish their seasons so we have a week or two before new areas produce. Broccoli supplies are off due in part to cold temps. Cauliflower is volatile with better supplies still weeks away. Jumbo carrots are tight as carrots aren’t sizing up. We are seeing tighter eastern cucumber supplies due to FL finishing & politics in Honduras. Steady western cucumber supplies are higher because of increased demand. Eastern green pepper supplies are growing. Western peppers are in good supply but demand is high. There is a big difference in iceberg lettuce case weight so be aware. Prices are higher of both romaine & iceberg & there are some quality issues. Decent supplies of leaf lettuce will keep prices fairly steady. There is a green onion shortage due to labor shortage. There are steady supplies of onions & potatoes but a lot of demand & trucks are tight so this equals higher prices. Warmer southern FL temps have helped increase squash supplies. However, cooler western temps have slowed squash production there. We will soon have more FL tomatoes so prices are starting to lower. Western tomatoes from MX will improve over the next couple of weeks. Avocados are running on the large size & the Super Bowl draw will increase demand. Cold temps have temporarily slowed strawberry production. Lemon supplies are lighter than usual & there is strong demand. Oranges continue to run on the large size. We will see more Chilean imports of green grapes soon as the domestic supply drop. Red grape supplies are tighter with quality issues. Domestic cantaloupes & dews are finishing & imports are moving from Guatemala to Honduras in mostly larger sizes. PRODUCE EXCHANGE TRENDS This section of the Newsletter is designed to give a quick overview of the trends of individual items. “Mother Nature’s Decisions” gives more info on the market & “Pics Worth a Look” will give an approximate up or down % for the week. Tomatoes – Roma, cherry & grape are down a little. Globes are much lower. Potatoes – bakers are up some & reds as steady. Lettuces – This market is up for the most part with quality continuing to be affected by freeze, dehydration wind burn, mildew and weak tip. Leaf is fairly steady. Cauliflower – is down some on lower demand. Broccoli – is higher again this week. Grapes – Green and red are both higher. Strawberries – prices are higher on cold temps. Melons – Loupes are up a bit. Watermelon is steady and Honeydews are higher. Lemons– demand is strong & prices are up a bit. Squash – yellow and green are both lower. Peppers – prices are lower this week. Onions – prices are steady to up a bit this week. Celery – prices are a bit lower. Apples- steady this week. Cucumbers – prices are climbing fast. Raspberries – light supplies & strong demand. Carrots – are up some and on the high side. Avocados – up on seasonal pulls and lower yields. Asparagus – look out, tight supplies. Green Beans- prices are steady but high. Cash Crop Corn is a huge cash crop since it has so many more uses besides feeding humans & livestock; sweeteners, gasoline, wallboard, adhesives, cosmetic, matches, aspirin, brick and soap to name a few. An acre of corn can yield up to $700. What if you could grow a crop that could yield up to 2000 times that amount? What would you do? A lot of farmers are facing that same consideration and 2 have made that change in over 40 acres of greenhouse space in Canada. Pic Rite will not be tracking the price of that commodity though. Why, because it is cannabis/marijuana.