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Fresh News
MOTHER NATURE’S DECISIONS Large size asparagus is on the tight side. Weather in Peru has improved, Baja is starting & MX will start to improve. Broccoli is coming down some on improved supplies. Cauliflower is getting better & quality is good. Stick with the largest sized celery for the best deals. High temps have slowed carrot growth but prices are holding fairly steady. Eastern cucumbers are finishing & Hurricane Florence will hurt NC cucumbers. Western cucumbers are lighter than usual for this time of year. Eastern green peppers are getting hurt by rain but mid-west suppliers continue to produce. Western green peppers are tighter due to cooler night temps. There are decent supplies of red & yellow peppers. Iceberg demand is finally up some on school usage & quality is good. Romaine & leaf lettuce demand is up & there are some quality issues. This has been a weird year for eastern squash. It comes from many states but so much rain in the northeast has really hurt supplies & quality & now it is moving south & we have a hurricane to hurt supplies there. Western squash has been hurt by cool night temps but quality is good. Eastern tomatoes are tight due to the hurricane so we can expect high prices. CA is the big producer of tomatoes right now but lack of eastern production will make things tight on globes. CA avocados are done but MX is increasing. Lemons are starting to increase & demand decrease. Green grapes are fairly steady but new varieties of red may be more expensive. Raspberries are moving south & production looks to increase. There are tight supplies of strawberries partly due to a shift in growing areas. We are seeing good supplies of both large & small size dews & loupes with good quality. Oranges are tight if you want something smaller than an 88ct. PRODUCE EXCHANGE TRENDS This section of the Newsletter is designed to give a quick overview of the trends of individual items. “Mother Nature’s Decisions” gives more info on the market & “Pics Worth a Look” will give an approximate up or down % for the week. Tomatoes – Globes are steady to down a little, cherry are higher & grape are also & Roma are up a bit. Potatoes – bakers are steady & red are also. Lettuces – Iceberg is steady this week & leaf is up a bit & Romaine is steady. Cauliflower – prices are lower this week. Broccoli – is down a little this week. Grapes – Green & red are fairly steady. Strawberries – prices are a bit higher. Melons – Both dews & loupes are steady. Lemons– supplies are better & prices are down some. Squash – yellow is up some & green is higher. Peppers – green are higher with some quality issues. Onions –yellow are steady. Celery – prices are steady to up some this week. Apples- prices are up some this week with new crop shortly. Cucumbers – prices are higher this week. Raspberries – Prices are steady. Carrots – are steady to down a bit. Avocados – are steady this week but watch slow ripening. Asparagus – prices are steady this week. 2018 US Apple Crop Estimates It’s that time of year that we talk about the new apple crop. The 2018 estimate is 256 million bushels or a 6% decrease from 2017’s 271.5 million bushels. In Eastern states, 2018 should be 58.3 million bushels vs. 58.9 in 2017. Midwest states estimate is 31.6 vs. 23.6 million bushels in 2017, or up 35%. The Western states are way off with 166.1 million bushels or a 12% decline from the 186 million bushels in 2017. As part of the Western states, Washington leads the way with about 60% of the US production of apples but they will have a 13% decline from 2017