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Fresh News
MOTHER NATURE’S DECISIONS Asparagus is coming from several places in good supply. Broccoli supplies are inconsistent but warmer temps may affect supplies. Cauliflower is tighter again due to less plantings & hot temps. Carrots will transition to new growing areas but that shouldn’t be a big problem. Better supplies & less demand of celery are helping drop prices closer to normal. Lower quality eastern cucumbers are priced good but better quality is on the way from NJ & VA. AZ cucumbers are tight but CA is producing good supplies. Rain has slowed production of eastern green peppers & hot temps will affect quality. Western green peppers are in a growing area gap but increasing. Iceberg will continue to be steady or down some with good quality & weight. Romaine & leaf lettuces are in good supply but there are some quality issues. There are good supplies & quality of onions with light demand. 70ct & larger potatoes remain limited. Eastern squash is coming from GA to NJ with green in good supply & yellow tight. Western squash areas are moving in CA with yellow tighter than green. Heat, rain & humidity will affect eastern tomatoes. Western tomatoes have quality issues as well. Cherry & grape tomato supplies have improved. Avocado supplies are fairly steady but tight compared to demand. Wet weather has slowed CA strawberry production. MX raspberries have quality issues. Lemon prices continue to climb & smaller sizes are tight. Red & green grape prices are about as good as they’ll get with very good quality. There is a short growing area gap for cantaloupes which are currently on the large size. Honeydews are lighter & prices are trending higher over the next couple of weeks. Seedless watermelons are getting tighter. PRODUCE EXCHANGE TRENDS This section of the Newsletter is designed to give a quick overview of the trends of individual items. “Mother Nature’s Decisions” gives more info on the market and “Pics worth a Look” will give approximate up or down % for the week. Tomatoes – Eastern globe are lower, cherry are lower & grape are also & plum prices are higher. Potatoes – bakers are steady & red potatoes are up a bit. Lettuces – iceberg is steady. Romaine is up some & green leaf is steady. Cauliflower – is higher but quality is decent. Broccoli – is steady this week. Grapes – Green & red are steady this week. Strawberries – prices are steady to up a bit with better quality. Melons – Loupes are much higher & dews are also. Lemons –demand strong and prices are high. Squash – yellow & green are steady to lower. Peppers – green are steady & red/yellow are also. Onions – prices are steady this week. Celery – prices are lower but still high. Avoid where you can or use fresh cut. Apples- steady this week. Cucumbers – prices are a bit lower this week. Raspberries – prices are up/down, depending on your supplier’s source of product & quality. Cabbage – is steady this week. Avocados – are fairly steady. Asparagus – is steady this week. Economics 101 for Produce With the advent of Big AG and Factory Pharm over the last several decades, the economics of the food system have changed drastically. Today only a few corporations dominate every aspect of our food system. Almost 4,000,000 farms have been lost in the last 70+ years. This has impacted the hidden costs of food product adversely. It has been proven that in addition to the loss of jobs in the millions, Big Ag is less efficient in producing food per acre than small family farms. Small farms require more workers create more jobs and feed more people per acre.