Our History and Today


The Syracuse Banana Company started by Frank L Inserra in 1966 as a banana house. In 1971, the corporation advanced to a produce distribution center selling a full line of fruits and vegetables, prompted by a need in the area for a produce house that carried everything including a variety of processed, herb and gourmet items. Over 30 years ago, a new Inserra joined the company - Frank's son, Steven Inserra. The acquisition of a larger warehouse enabled us to buy on a larger scale the best produce at the best prices, resulting in savings to our customers. After thirty years at the Regional Market, we acquired an even larger expanded, fully refrigerated 35,000 square foot, state of the art facility to serve our customers more efficiently and be even more cost effective.


Syracuse Banana is one of the largest restaurant and institution suppliers in this area, serving some of the largest restaurant chains in the United States. The warehouse is located just two blocks from the Central New York Regional Market in Syracuse and is available for your inspection at any time. We also feature an in-house tomato and banana ripening facility and a full line of spices and dry goods. We are a multi-million dollar company supplying over 500 customers daily.

We have a staff of over fifty employees to insure excellent service, and our transportation fleet consists of 25 delivery trucks (16-24 Ft. insulated, refrigerated). Our delivery trucks circulate within a 150 mile radius of Syracuse, NY. This includes Rochester/Buffalo, Oswego/Watertown, Utica/Rome and Binghamton/Cortland/Ithaca areas.

We are open from 3:00 AM to 1:00 PM Monday through Saturday, with recording equipment and online ordering in operation for orders when we are closed. We conduct seminars on handling, care and buying of products for the benefit of employees of our customers. This program aids the employee in keeping waste through spoilage at a minimum.


Our new facility is operating completely under HACCP guidelines and principles. Food safety is paramount to our growing business.

We purchase approximately 98% of our produce including tomatoes directly from California and Florida. Purchases include a full line of Taylor Farms, Freshway, Church Brothers, Dole and T&A brand products featuring salad mix and shredded lettuce. We are a direct receiver and processor of Dole bananas, petites and quads. During the summer months, we also purchase NY State produce directly from farms located around Syracuse and Oswego. Produce from California is available year round at this facility. 


Our organization stresses quality and service at the best price.